What Is She Saying? A Guide to Swim Language

Dale and Ovetta at ITU

Masters Swimming Clubs are great for fellowshipping and training with you fellow swimmers. But often it can be intimidating for new swimmers who do not know the language of swimming. Below is a short glossary of words frequently used in swim workouts and what they mean. You find the entire list here: http://www.swimsmooth.com/glossary.html! Thanks Swim Smooth!

Warm-Up: First part of every workout usually consisting of drills or other short swim sets to prime the engine for a tough workout.

Cool-Down: Last part of every workout designed to help swimmer recover from tough swim set and relax.

Drill: Exercises performed in the water to practice an aspect of the swimming stroke.

Catch-Up Drill: This is my favorite drill for swimmers who are struggling with their stroke so rest assured it’ll be in your workouts. A drill where one arm is held fully forwards until the other arm has performed a complete stroke and returned to the front.

Streamline Position: A body position for minimizing drag. The most common being a torpedo push off performed off the wall.
This streamlined position allows you to hold your speed off the wall for as long as possible – it’s faster than swimming!

Time Trial: A flat- out test of your speed against the clock. A TT is an all out effort like a race but normally performed without competition.

Read more terms at: http://www.swimsmooth.com/glossary.html

The Numbers

25 yards: length of the pool

50 yards: length of the pool out and back

100: 4x length of the pool


FR: Freestyle stroke
BR: Breaststroke
BK: Backstroke
Fly: Butterfly
IM: Individual Medley (Fly, Bk, Br, Fr in
IMO: IM Order – swim the reps in the order
RIMO: Reverse IM Order
Ch: Choice (whatever stroke you’d like)
Dr: Drill
EZ: Easy
w/up: Warm-up
c/d: Cool-down
:20R: Rest interval of :20
Pull: Swim using a buoy
K: Kick
K/Fins: Kick with Fins
Hyp (5): Hypoxic (number of strokes
between breaths)
Bld: Build – getting progressively faster
PP: Pull + paddles
N/S: Negative Split – swim the second half
of the distance faster than the first
Desc: Descending – swimming each rep
increasingly faster (sometimes indicated by
a down arrow)
Asc: Ascending – swim each rep
increasingly easier (sometimes indicated by
an up arrow)
RT/LT –Right arm only/Left arm only.
RT/LTx25 – 25 Right arm only, 25 Left arm