Tribike Versus Road Bike The Research:

When people start triathlon they often have a question as to whether they should get a road bike versus a tri bike. Folklore is tribike geometry makes it easier for you to to run off the bike. The idea is that different muscles are used on the tribike than the road bike making it easier to run.
Here’s an excellent article testing the different muscle group theory. The study tested the different effects on resistance, speed, muscular changes in road vs tri bike dynamics. Sifting through the mumbo jumbo I found what I suspected…the better the cyclists the better the speed. Bike not the issue. And basically there was no difference on muscle effects with each design. But cyclists had more power on the tri bike but it was suggested they had more power anyway. Also they were able to pull up more on the pedal (ie., stronger hams and quads) and tri bike made it easier to go faster. But you guys read and let me know what you find. Great research though.

CHECK OUT THE RESEARCH HERE: pedalpositionresearch
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