Pause for the Cause

cropped-ovetta-out-of-t2.jpg The wind may be blowing. We may have survived the worst, snowiest winter in Chicago’s recent memory but my thoughts are on the sun, the white cap waves of Lake Michigan and the men and women and children who are living valiantly with AIDS and HIV.

Turn your cold thoughts into warm gifts of love by donating today to help the AIDS Foundation of Chicago. Any donation will do. My goal is to raise $1,700. But I want to do more. I want to raise at least $2,000 in the next TWO MONTHS. Yes my friends there’s nothing like a time goal to get the best performance.

Help me reach my goal and I will return the favor with a sub-5 hour marathon. Oh my, the gauntlet has been thrown. So here’s the deal:

You donate and help me raise $2,000 by April.

I work and train and run so that I can have a sub-5 hour marathon in October.

Chicagoans living with HIV and AIDS receive food, shelter, much needed health care, love and support from the AIDS Foundation of Chicago.

This is a WIN-WIN folks.

So don’t wait. Donate today!